Silica Fume, gray, compacted




Compacted, light gray micro silica having a SiOcontent of about 85% (typically ca. 94%).



Microsilica (or silica fume) is a by-product from the production of silicon or ferro-silicon, but also of zirconium (ZrO2). 

It is basically available in different colorations (dark gray to white) and as compacted quality .

It is typically used in high-strength standard concrete (high performance concrete) as an additive (eg acc. to DIN EN 13263), in UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) concrete or wall plaster.

Silica particles are about 30 to 100 times smaller than cement grains and are made almost entirely of amorphous silicon dioxide (SiO2). Here they fill a portion of the pore space and support through a pozzolanic secondary reaction and support the increase in strength. By improving the microstructure, depending on the individual application, surfaces appear even smoother.

In addition, the corrosion protection for the reinforcement, or the resistance to water penetration can be improved.

It also finds use in the fields of refractory materials, granulated fertilizer (coating), and in the manufacture of plastics and adhesives.



In 850 kg big bags. 



Store dry and frost-free.



On demand

Name: Silica Fume, gray, compacted
EC-name: Fumes, silica
IUPAC Name: Silicon dioxide, amorphous
Chemical Formula: SiO2
Molecular Forma: O2Si
CAS-No.: 69012-64-2
EC-No.: 273-761-1
Hazard statements:

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