About us

TROPAG is an international trading company which has profound tradition and is always aiming to meet the challenges of the market needs. It was founded in London by the trader Oscar H. Ritter in 1909. In 1919 the firm was registered in Hamburg under the name of “Tropische und überseeische Rohprodukten Aktiengesellschaft”. The cable address „Tropag“ from that period is still the company’s logo today. 

During these more than 100 years the human individual always had and is still having our utmost attention – this relates to all our business partners as well as to all employees. To this principle we feel obliged, because it is the most essential warrant of our economic success.

Explore the eventful history of Tropag from its beginnings to a modern, service-oriented trading company in our brochure "100 Years of TROPAG (1909-2009) - A Hamburg Trading Company in Times of Change" (PDF 3 MB).

Tropag Oscar H. Ritter Nachf. GmbH 
Bundesstraße 4, 20146 Hamburg