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Tropag is the company to be contacted when special metal alloys or high-grade chemical products are needed. Our purchasing team is facing many challenges -    our aim is to provide special raw products, which can only be obtained with great difficulty, and chemical primary and intermediate products, which meet the requirements of the processing industries. Tropag acts as a link and technical consultant for suppliers and producers on the one side and users on the other.

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News from TROPAG

In order to emit less CO2 in the future and thus contribute to a better environment and more sustainability, Tropag had two charging stations installed in the company's own parking lot in May 2023, which enable the charging of electric vehicles.

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The term "Carbon Leakage" describes a shift of carbon-intensive production by EU-based companies to third countries with less stringent climate protection policies than the EU, or when EU products are replaced by more carbon-intensive imports. In order to minimize "Carbon Leakage" and additionally…

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On March 1, 2025, the old GMP+ Feed Certification (GMP+FC) scheme 2010 will expire and will be replaced by the new GMP+FC scheme 2020. Accordingly, all companies in the feed industry must have been certified with the new system by this day. In order to implement the new requirements as early as…

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Did you know?

That TROPAG does not only offer logistic solutions, but also takes care of customs handling, packing / repacking, financing / foreign currency management and many other issues?

That beryllium-metall after CORAP and RMOA evaluation of German BAuA is no SVHC acc. to REACH and also no authorisation or restriction is required?

As one of the services Tropag also offers now the grinding of certain materials for fine, uniform particles in accordance to customer’s requirements!

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