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Tropag Oscar H. Ritter Nachf. GmbH (hereinafter called „The Company“) is free to update or change the regulations contained herein at any time. Therefore you should visit this website occasionally in order to inform yourself about the presently valid regulations, because they are binding in the version of the time concerned.

1. Rights

The Company permits the view and download of information, software programmes, products, data, pictures, graphics, photos, logos, texts and other contents of this website (hereinafter called “Contents”) only for private, non-commercial use – on condition that in case of duplication of the Contents the copyright and property rights of the Company are pointed out. Without prior written consent of the Company the Contents of this website may not be changed and not duplicated, presented, shown, spread or used otherwise for public or commercial purposes. Use of the Contents of this website on another website respectively on networked data processors is prohibited. The Contents contained in this website are copyrighted. Each unauthorized use of the Contents of this website may offend against copyright, trademark or other legal regulations. Any violation of these regulations leads to the forfeiture of the entitlement to use this website and commits the party concerned to immediately destroy all downloaded or printed Contents of this website.

2. Warranties and liability

The Contents of this website are provided free from any warrantee. The Company does not assume any liability whatsoever for its correctness, completeness or its suitability for certain purposes. Concerning the Contents the Company does not assume any warranty for its freedom of rights of third parties and the infringement of intellectual property.

The Company may at any time and without prior announcement change the Contents offered on this website respectively remove them in total or parts of them. The Contents of this website may be outdated. The Company is not obliged to update them. Individual pieces of information on this website may refer to products, programmes or services which in certain countries are not available. In this case please contact your local contact partner. Use of the Contents provided on this website is made at the sole risk of the user. The Company, its suppliers respectively third parties, which are mentioned on this website, do not assume any liability for possible damages (in particular lost profit, loss of data or shortfall in production). This does not apply for cases of aforethought and in case that liability is obligatory by law. If the use of this website respectively of the Contents provided has the result that your appliances or your data have to be maintained, repaired, changed, restored or corrected in another way, the Company does not pay any costs.

All data and sources, which the Company uses as Contents, are researched diligently. However, the Company does not assume any liability for the completeness and correctness of the Contents.

3. Download of Contents or software

Use of the Contents or software downloaded from this website are subject to the regulations of copyright law and to the licence agreement which possibly is attached to or transferred with the software. Downloading respectively use of software is permitted only after having read and accepted the regulations of the corresponding license agreement and takes place at the user’s own risk.

4. Transmissions to this website

All Contents, which are transmitted to this website by users respectively are provided on this website, are considered non-confidential and not protected by copyright and property law. The Company does not assume any responsibility in respect to these transmitted Contents. It is permitted to the Company and its authorized persons to transmit data, pictures, graphics, sounds, texts and other contents, to duplicate and change them, to make them available to other parties, to spread them respectively to use them in any other way for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It is prohibited to transmit threatening, offending, libellous, defamatory, pornographic, immoral or unlawful contents to this website respectively to spread it from this website.

5. User names and passwords

The user concerned is responsible by himself for the protection of a possibly allocated password against improper utilization. Use of the website by utilization of a user name and a password is made at user’s sole risk. If the user learns that the password leaked out unintentionally or that there is another danger for improper use of the password, the user has to inform the Company about this fact without delay.

6. Links

For all contents linked to this website, exclusively the author concerned is responsible. The Company has no influence at all on the text of the link and on the design and contents of the linked websites. It does not adopt these contents, and it does not assume any liability for any infringement of existing rights of any kind or against applicable law.

7. Miscellaneous

By using the Contents the user is not discharged of his duty of care or his personal liability. The Contents do not constitute a request to take part in any way in the Company.

8. Law applicable

This website is administered by the Company, and these regulations are subject to the legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany. Court of jurisdiction for litigation is the registered office of the Company. The Company makes no statements whatsoever whether the Contents of this website are suitable for use outside of the Federal Republic of Germany, and outside of the Federal Republic of Germany the Contents of this website are accessed at the user’s own instance and risk. The user himself is responsible for the observance of the local effective law of the time.

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