Copper Zirconium 50/50

CuZr 50/50



Copper balance plus typ. impurities

Zirconium from typicall 49.0 to 53.0%

The quality is, if nothing else is agreed, acc. to EN 1981: 2003; Material number CM242E



Copper Zirconium is an alloy with typical uses in the production of high-strength copper alloys, as well as grain refiner in copper-containing alloys.

This high-strength alloys, in addition to the base metal copper contains about 49-53 % zirconium

They stand for their high strength, corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity. 

Another typical application is copper-zirconium as grain refiner in copper alloys



CuZr 50 in broken irregular pieces in drums.



Like all metals and alloys for melting, CuZr should be stored dry.



Copper Zircon is produced on request, as a rule, however, we always carry material in barrels for prompt delivery of stock in Hamburg

Name: Copper Zircon 50/50
EC-name: copper zirconium
IUPAC Name: copper zirconium
Chemical Formula: Cu Zr
CAS-No.: Cu 7440-50-8 Zr 7440-67-7
EC-No.: Cu 231-159-6 Zr 231-176-9
Hazard statements:

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