Copper Lithium 98/2

CuLi 98/2



Copper base approx. 98%, lithium content approx. 1.6-2.0% with typical, low impurities

Copper-lithium we offer acc. EN 1981: 2003 in approx. 450 g of shears. These shavings contain approximately 9 g of lithium, as is often used as pure Li in small copper cartridges, without, however, entailing its disadvantages (storage as a hazardous substance, inclination to oxidation, low weight and poorer efficiency). Typical advantages of the Cu-Li shears are: better, more precise dosing, faster sinking to the bottom of the crucible and a faster and more reliable dissolving in the melt and thus their deoxidation.



Lithium copper is a copper-colored copper master alloy which is frequently used as an additive for degassing copper and copper-containing materials, e.g. also brass or other copper alloys.



Shear pieces (approx. 10x2x2-3 cm) in drums in units of ca. 50 kg, but also 100 or 200 kg from the warehouse and larger by agreement.

Also available as plates on pallets. (Order-bound and with delivery time)



Dry and well ventilated



The CuLi shears are usually available promptly from the stock in Hamburg, larger quantities and deviating forms by agreement.

Name: Copper-Lithium 98/2
EC-name: copper lithium
IUPAC Name: copper lithium
Chemical Formula: CuLi
CAS-No.: Cu 7440-50-8 Li 7439-93-2
EC-No.: Cu 231-159-6 Li 231-102-5
Hazard statements:

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